old devices

old devices

The "Law on the placing on the market, taking back and environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic equipment" (ElektroG 3) obliges us as a retailer and you as a consumer to handle electrical and electronic equipment that is no longer required responsibly.

Therefore, as far as the requirements are met, we not only take back your old device in the context of online purchases, but also plan to take it back, especially in the shop, in order to guarantee professional disposal on site in cooperation with a professional disposal company.

In view of these different options, we ask you, especially when ordering online, to consider whether, for ecological reasons, you would prefer to dispose of the old device quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner instead of returning it over long distances.

Labeling of old devices, batteries/rechargeable batteries/lamps, personal data

Electrical and electronic devices marked with the symbol of a crossed-out garbage can must not be disposed of with household waste.


You are obliged to return them to an approved collection point. This can be a local material or recycling center, or we as a specialist dealer.

The device may have additional markings with the following meanings:
Pb: Battery contains lead
Cd: Battery contains cadmium
Hg: Battery contains mercury

Batteries or accumulators that are not permanently installed (i.e. can be removed from the devices), as well as lamps that can be removed from the old device without destroying them, must be separated before they are returned. We also provide collection containers for you free of charge.

You are responsible for deleting any personal data on the old device. Please delete it before handing it in.

return of old devices

Old devices with an edge length of no more than 25 cm can be handed in to our shop free of charge, regardless of the purchase of new products. We take care of a professional disposal.

We are also happy to take back larger old devices, for which the ElektroG defines a return, free of charge when buying a new device of the same type.

Taking back old devices that are shipped as part of online orders

When purchasing a new device for certain device categories, you can request that an old device of the same type be taken back and disposed of. You can select this service in the shopping cart.

Large devices that are delivered by freight forwarder

If a new device cannot be sent by parcel service due to its dimensions or weight, we will either commission a freight forwarder with the delivery or deliver your new device ourselves. If desired, an old device of the same type can be taken away free of charge and then disposed of properly. You must indicate this wish during the ordering process by ticking the option "Take old devices with you" in the shopping cart.

The old device must be available for return at the time and place of delivery of the new device. It must be freely accessible and separated from the power and water connections. Built-in devices must be removed. The device must not lose any liquids (defrost refrigerators and freezers, remove the inlet hoses and fluff filter from washing machines), attachments such as hoses, cables, etc. must be securely attached for transport. Batteries, rechargeable batteries and lamps that can be removed without destroying them must be removed from the old device.

Devices that are delivered by parcel service

If the new device is a product that is sent by parcel service, the return cannot be linked directly to the delivery for logistical reasons. If you request the return of an old device of the same type during the ordering process, we will organize collection by a parcel service.

Please note that no desired date can be agreed. On the day of collection, which we will notify you after consultation with the parcel service, the old device must be ready for handover between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Batteries, rechargeable batteries and lamps that can be removed without destroying them must be removed from the old device. It must be packaged securely for transport and the dimensions and weight of the consignment must not exceed the maximum values ​​of a package.

We have commissioned the company Interseroh to carry out the nationwide take-back of waste electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with § 17 ElektroG. For this purpose, Interseroh operates a comprehensive network of collection points where you can hand in used old devices free of charge. The collection points are under the link
https://www.interseroh.de/weee-annahmestellen published.

Please note the following:

Small devices (all edge lengths less than or equal to 25 cm) may be handed in at the collection points in normal household quantities.

Large devices (at least one edge length greater than 25 cm) may be exchanged "old for new" at the collection points - that means: If you buy a new device in our ebay shop, you may return an old device that essentially has the same functions as the new device fulfilled, hand it in at one of the collection points, provided that you can provide the collection point with appropriate proof of purchase of the new device. In order to be able to provide this proof, please proceed as follows:

Please submit your return request, stating the type of device for the old device to be returned (refrigerator, washing machine, electric stove, television, etc.) together with a copy of the invoice for the new device purchased on the Interseroh website at https://www.interseroh.de /weee acceptance points